Do you need to learn how to make money right now online? While there are hundreds of different ways people make money online here are a few of them to get you started with learning how to make money online. Making a living online is tough, and it becomes tougher and tougher each year. Below we compiled 5 things that you can do right now to make a small amount of money or a lot of money in to invest in your business or yourself.

  • – Amazons Mechanical hits service is a great way to make money online albeit not a lot of money (users usually get $0.05-$0.50 for each small task. If you are proficient on a computer you can make a few dollars an hour in instant income just clicking and searching for items for other people and providing the result.
  • Freelancing Sites – Do you have a skill that people will pay for? There are 100’s of freelancer type sites where you can signup, post a job youre willing to do and a price where others will hire you for your service. Sites such as for creative type work, for IT, Virtual customer support, Marketing and 100’s of other fields , Scripted for content writers and the list of them go on and on. Search your niche and outsourcing, those companies offering services are usually also hiring virtual staff who get the work.
  • If you own a business this is an easy one, pick up the phone and call your customers and potential customers and build your sales. Not good on the phone? Try emailing them, post on message boards and forums related to your niche and promote your page where its allowed. Activity creates sales. As you go through building the process look for repetitive steps and automate them
  • Promote Your Business – If you have social media accounts post to your followers a sale or promotion for your product or service. People love getting a good deal and if you have free time on your hands its an great opportunity to generate new sales and customers for your business. If you have an email list emailing them as well will generate income to your business. See our tips for email marketing here
  • Promote Other Businesses – There are 1000’s of companies out there who will pay for new customers to those who refer them. This is typically called Affiliate Marketing and can be a good source of income. If you have a network of friends who may like a specific product you can sign up at one of the many affiliate networks and promote that product or service to your firneds. Have a bunch of friends looking for better insurance rates for the cars? There are ato companies willing to pay for your friends to talk to them. Check out more on affiliate marketing here.

Tell us in the comments what you think of our 5 ways and the success or failure if you tried them.