Almost anytime a new ad platform or source opens up the ability to generate high quality low cost sales for your business opens up.  Testing new sources of traffic for your business is a must and when a behemoth like Facebook opens access to advertise on one of the most influential apps, you better jump at the chance to make those ads, before everyone else does.

The problem is with anything new many people don’t know how to go about getting started or are afraid to fail while trying.  Its not as hard as you may think.  Follow my simple steps and your ads will be opening up a whole new source of traffic for your business.

Lets Get Started.

You’ll need a few things in order to start

An Instagram account – If you don’t have one for your business signup for one now.

A Facebook business account so you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook ad accounts.  You can get a business account by signing up at

The Google Chrome Browser so you can work inside Facebook power editor

Once you have these items you can begin.

Link Your Instagram Account To Your Facebook Business Account.

Log in to your business manager account

When you’re logged in you’ll see business settings on the left hand side, click that then Instagram accounts


Once you get to the Instagram accounts page, you’ll see a Claim New Instagram Account button, Click that


After clicking claim Instagram account you’ll be asked to enter in the user name and password


Once you link your account you’ll be asked to assign the Instagram account to an advertising account.  Chances are you’ll only have one account to link to, as opposed to the several shown here


Now that youve linked your facebook ad account to your instagram account you can now create ads for both instagram and facebook.

Open up power editor in chrome.  To do this open up the chrome browser, navigate to and login to your account, once loged in click power editor in the navigation bar, the below screen will open up.


Click on Create Campaign and a pop up will appear asking for you to enter in the campaign name, ad set name and new ad name.  Enter the information for these fields, naming them something similar to how you name in regular facebook ads so you can easily recognize your campaigns





Once you name your campaign and ad set and ad, click create.  What appears is below.  The next steps can be confusing but are actually very simple to follow.  The right side hots a slide out that allows you to edit the information int he campaign, ad set and ad, depending on where youre at in the tree.  For now if you hover over the pencil, you’ll see a small arrow once that appears click it, this will close the slide out


When you minimize the slide out you’ll see the next screen


Youll want to click on the campaign name to get to the ad set, where you can set all your targeting


Once you get to the ad set level, lets click the pencil on the right hand side to slide out the targeting tab.


In this tab youll set all the targeting you want for your ad as well as where its placed such as on facebook desktop ads, mobile ads, audience network and instagram

If you scroll down you’ll see all the placement options in this tab as well.



Once you are done setting your targeting and placements in power editor click the pencil once more to minimize the tab and click the ad set to show the ads section on the page like below


Once you are at the ad level click the pencil again to open the slide bar and here you will eb able to create or edit the ads in this ad set.


Once you are done with your ads, click the pencil to minimize the slide bar.  Once the main screen appears again, click upload changed (Green button) to send your campaign and ads to facebook so your ads can be reviewed and approved and ready to run.



You can still use the basic ad tool to turn campaigns on and off and adjust your budget but most ad changes and updates need to be done via the power editor.

Instagram can be a gold mine for those who learn it quick and learn how to properly advertise to its audience.  The first ads i sent over have a CPC of $0.02 for me at the moment, on Facebook the same ads CPC is over $0.90.

Good Luck with your ads, and please share and like our pages, it helps us to develop more content that you’ll love.