Most commonly referred to as affiliate marketing or cost per acquisition (CPA) this type of business has grown and matured over the last 2-5 years. When done properly affiliate marketing can be a lucrative and simple stay at home business for someone. You can make a few hundred dollars a week or millions, depending on the level of skill, knowledge and ability you have.

You don’t even need a website to get started. There are several affiliate networks out there below is a small list of the larger more well-known programs.

Singing up to each one is easy. You supply your information, tax information, how you want to be paid and a description of how you market. You can simply put referring friends from social media, or emailing my customer list, or however you plan to market the advertisers. Once approved youll have access to 1000’s of different advertisers who will state what there program is and what you get paid for someone to become their customer. You can apply to those that you think are items your friends family and social network will be interested in. The advertisers will most likely approve or deny you based on the information you supply, those approved advertisers you can promote and get paid each time someone performs the specific action. Please note that most programs do look for fraud and will reverse self-filled out forms, or fake or stolen credit cards and other types of fraudulent purchases which will also result in your account closure so make sure you keep it clean and honest.

To get started give what we suggest a try, signup to an affiliate network it will take 1-5 days for approval, apply to the advertisers your friends would be interested in. Once approved post about them in your social media accounts or email friends who you know are looking for something. My buddy was looking for solar for his house, I found a solar program, emailed it to him, he signed up and became a sale for the customer and I got $25 for sending him over. Find something your friends would want. To learn best practices for posting ads on social media please click here. Once you post watch how many click and buy (you can see this information on the affiliate network you signed up for) If people don’t click it means they weren’t interested try a different product or service.

As you grow your business many people get a website usually using a free product like wordpress or joomla. As you build your website(s) build it around content you are interested in and things people may want. Search around our site for ideas on businesses to start and tips for building your website and growing your business.