Sometimes the hardest part of growing a business is having enough capital to keep the business growing through growth periods and tough times.

Typically large banks tend to decline most of the small business loan applications they see, and only look for businesses with good credit and typically those who may not need the money to begin with.

There is Hope For Americas Small Businesses.

In recent years smaller lenders have popped up to help fill the void left by large banking institutions.  These lenders recognize that a business should be valued on the business not the person.  Typically called merchant cash advance loans, or factoring.  These companies will lend sometimes up to millions of dollars to businesses with good cash flow.

If your business has gross sales over $5000 a month in many cases you can get a loan with one of these companies.  Below are a few links to lenders who will approve businesses like yours for the money they need to keep growing.

Get Cash For Your Business

Here are a list of companies who extend loans to business with bad or not so good credit.  With no collateral or upfront fees needed. (We recommend you apply with at least 2 companies to get a fair and balanced quote)

CAN Capital – CAN Capital is a Leader In The Merchant Cash Advance Space With Over 160,000 Businesses Helped.  Click Here To Apply


BizCashPros – Offers Loans With No Collateral Needed In as Little as 3 Days.  Click Here To Apply


Credibly – Based in the mid-west credibly has lent over $1 Billion dollars to small businesses nationwide. Click Here To Apply


If you have good credit we recommend contacting Lending Club for a low rate personal loan.  Click Here To Apply