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Ever wonder what your competition is targeting on facebook ads?  Many people may not know this but when a user is served an ad from Facebook you can see what specifics likes or demographic information is causing you to see the facebook ad.

This insight is invaluable as a marketer by studying as much information as you can on ads from competitors as well as others it usually helps you to become a better marketer and better target your own ads.

Lets take a look at how you can see the targeting set for an individual ad you are served.

First when you are served an ad click the arrow in the upper right hand corner

Tap “Why am I seeing this ad?”


In the above you’ll see i was served an ad from Gametime because of my interest in the Brooklyn Nets.

The targeting is tied in to the advertisement, showcasing tickets for Nets games at the Barclays center.

In this example from Shell you’ll see the main criteria being age as the targeting criteria.



And in this example here is an ad targeting those people interested in a competitor


Next time you see a competitors ad don’t forget to click the arrow and see what criteria is being used to target you.  Then consider that information in the next time you build out or adjust your Facebook ad targeting.

Keep in mind it looks like Facebook is only showing some of the criteria, i am sure there are other targeting criteria attached to the ads that is not being displayed